Avoid stroke with Aspirin Consumption

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Gender difference appeared to take a different impact on the use of a drug. Aspirin for example, it can protect a woman from the stroke, but not to avoid the risk of heart attack affected. Advice for women the use of aspirin by Dr. Paul Ridker.

Properties of aspirin to afford melindngi a woman from the risk of stroke it can not be used on the opponent of their men. Even Aspirin is recommended by many doctors to use in the men's and women's heart disease sufferer.

Doctors from Harvard Medical School researchers at a time of `Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston` reminded that this is very dangerous to make generalizations on the impact of aspirin on women and men. "We already know the answers from the issue."

A study carried out by `The Women's Health Study was` a test on the use of aspirin and vitamin E in women. The result of consumption of vitamin E did not provide a good solution for wania supplements because it is not enough help, but even harmful.

Nearly 40,000 women aged 45 years has been to get 100 milligrams of aspirin given randomly. After 10 years, aspirin users indicated that they have the opportunity 17% lower stroke affected because of the possibility of aspirin is able to prevent coagulation of blood.

Suspected stroke occurs because the flow of blood to the brain is not smooth because of the freezing of blood. Meanwhile, women aged over 65 years have a higher profit with the use of aspirin, where they can be spared the risk of stroke affected to 34%. Note is the other important protections of aspirin can effectively occur in women non-smoker and former smoker.

However, this benefit does not apply to women who use hormones after a period off. The results of this research Dr. Paul is very good because women have a big opportunity to catch the stroke instead of heart attack, a case that occurred in different men who have a higher risk of heart attack affected rather stroke.

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