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A chemical melamine possibility has been routinely added to livestock feed to increase the rate of protein, so it has been estimated to poison widely contaminate the food chain to the other. Therefore, reported the China Daily newspaper, Friday (31/10).

Concerns are not baseless, after authorities in Hong Kong reported that the poison melamine detected in eggs originating from China.

"Industrial livestock feed is likely agree to use chemicals to reduce the cost of protein production rate to remain high if there are checks," said the China Daily editorial.

Meanwhile, the newspaper Shanghai Daily reported, authorities in the Metropolitan city, the eastern part of Shanghai, has been ordered to check the fish from 100 fish farmers, whether fish tercemari melamine or not.

This is the first report warning about the possibility that the seafood has also tercemari by the chemical melamine, since he scandal "bermelamin milk" in August. It is feared, melamine not only contaminate fish and eggs, but also contaminate livestock such as cattle cut.

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