Primary league disrupted the global recession

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For the first time in the last 37 years, experienced pounds recorded the lowest points against the U.S. dollar (USD).

Last week, 1 pounds before touching USD 1.5270 to 1.5837 thin stronger in the closing session. Friday (24/10), David Cameron, leader of the party from the conservative opposition said, "Today is a day where the recession (in English) to become a reality." Comments Cameron diamini Deputy Governor of the Bank of England Charles Bean.

"It is probably the biggest crisis ever happen." Fast or slow, the global fuel crisis slam-socket joints of all life, not with the exception of the skin round alias football. "Klubklub football is not immune to the credit crisis. Can not be denied, they are in the same boat with the other, "said Nigel Currie, Director of Sports Marketing, in Guilford.

Currie is not excessive. West Ham United, the Primary League club based in the north of River Thames, has already felt the impact. Last September, their main sponsor, the XL Leisure Group plc, choose the disengagement with the Hammers. Airlines that stop all business activities following the failure on the balance sheet.

As with West Bromwich Albion (WBA), which has no sponsor since the beginning of this season. September, WBA and West Ham meet at The Hawthorns Stadium. Some 26,213 spectators into a living witness during the first 16 years of EPL scrolling, two teams that berjibaku without a major sponsor.

Fate of Northern Rock plc, perusahaanfinansial the United tulangpunggungNewcastle, three uang.Februari quarter and the company is struggling middle dinasionalisasikan and exit from the crisis. Duo Liverpool owner Tom Hicks and George Gillet Jr. decided some time ago delay because the new stadium development failed search for investors willing menggelontorkan 400 million pounds.

Meanwhile, other Primary League team, Everton, distraught looking for the bank to pay the debt that the interest rates that continue meroket. "We know what happens at this time. Bank tighten likuiditasnya from the once they do, "said Bill Kenwright, Everton Chariman, News.

Similarly Manchester United, with its AIG. Lucky the United States Government take over the insurance-financial companies with USD85 billion bailout. Most do not, AIG sponsorship at the Old Trafford entering the second year of a total of four, worth 56.5 million pounds (USD90 million) safe.

However, the Malcolm Glazer family's debt is not so may boomerang. So far only the money tree with Chelsea Roman Abramovich and Manchester City with the locomotive of Abu Dhabi, United Group, which claimed its most lambasting the tsunami crisis. In the team shirt sponsorship income is the largest single sponsor for.

This season the total income from the Primary League sponsorship is down for the first time from 75 to 67 million pounds compared to the previous year. Edit, the main sponsor EPL, currently still standing steadfast despite the opportunity stagger. UK Government Bailout their decline and still fight to increase kapitalnya.

There is no guarantee that what happened besok.Ekonomi when the weather is like in Britain. Unpredictable, Mentari blazing morning, an hour later gale, and afternoon rain. Latin America people say, "World can be collapsed, we will continue to dance." The English replied, "The World Can crisis, we will continue to kick the ball.

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