Obama vs. Mc Cain contention in Two Areas

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Obama vs. Mc Cain contention in Two Areas
Illinois Senator Barack Obama and Arizona Senator John Mc-Cain yesterday timeless struggle to seize voice in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

In Harrisonburg, Virginia, about 12,000 supporters pack Obama James Madison University stadium, while 8,000 others were forced outside the stadium because of the limited space in the room. "This election is different from other election, represents select an clear danmasadepan between the past," said Obama.

With most of the mass of supporting students, Obama take advantage of this opportunity to distinguish him from the panda in terms of age and generasi.Obama aged 47 years old get big support from the younger generation in various polls. While the panda, 72, less support from the younger generation.

Before campaigning in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Obama campaigning in an open field at Widener University, Philadelphia outskirts, with thousands of mass pack campaign continued despite the rain came down. Some 9,000 people remain faithful to listen to campaign speeches, although they must be wringing wet.

Obama choose to jeans and sneakers and slicker when speaking. He refused to use that same umbrella with thousands of supporters who diguyur rain. "I want you all know that if this dedication occurred on the day of election, not impossible we will bring changes in the U.S.," said Obama by sopping clothes.

Conversely, not far from the location Obama campaign, panda forced to cancel the campaign because of rain. Both candidates are still struggling to wrest Pennsylvania with 21 votes elektoral. Various polls saying Obama winning 9 points, 51% for Illinois Senator and 42% for Arizona Senator in the state.

From Harrisonburg, Obama continue their campaign support seize campaigning in Virginia with Norfolk, the city of naval AS.Jajak opinion in the state showed Obama winning on the Mc-Cain and many predict that Obama intended to become a Virginia state Democratic Party after 44 years domination Republic Party.

"No state is more important than Virginia, the state of Virginia," said Obama. Nationally, polls meters from the Research Center showed Obama winning 16 points on the panda, 52% opponents to 36%. Meanwhile, those who support independent candidates, with 48% Democratic opponent 31%.

SementaradiFlorida, polls Los Angeles Times shows Obama leads with 50% to 43% opponent panda. Obama also winning 49% opponent panda 40% in Ohio. Newspapers in the two states mentioned, Obama led the support from women voters, the younger generation of voters, black and other minority groups.

Mccain that defeat in the various polls that appear to frustration in the various campaigns. Vietnam War veteran is not constantly launching accusations that Obama is a politician ultraliberal a plan to increase taxes for each circle.

However, the survey said lain.Responden latest poll ABC News-Washington Post says Obama as a presidential candidate from the Democratic favorite since Bill Clinton winning in the tax issue against competitors, with 10 points. According to the poll that has Obama winning 52% to 45% panda.

Obama continues to try to reach more supporters with shopping ads that contribute extraordinary. Analysts estimate the media, Obama television ads for 30 minutes at the time the three major national television networks, cbs, NBC, and Fox, worth more than USD5 million.

These ads will be guaranteed by the purchasing public because of widespread "infomercial" is running towards the start of the match Cycling World Series last and most decide between the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay rays from Florida

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