Obama Excellence in Early Elections

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U.S. early elections held special, especially for residents who will want to go far or mencoblos early, give blessings to Barack Obama. The results of calculations quickly (quick count) and a poll conducted by a number of institutions survey showed, Obama win in most states that have opened a preliminary election. Therefore, some mass media reported Thursday (30/10).

On Wednesday (29/10), turn the state of Indiana to make the initial election. Millions of U.S. citizens stand in line and even turn mencoblos willing to wait until several hours. Most voters seem magnanimous with the vote for Obama from the Democratic Party.

"The future of our countries now stake. In the last eight years have been a disaster and I think this time we have the right candidates, which may save us, "said Cecil Johnson (72), one of the early voters in the election held in Gary, Indiana, said while he supports Obama.

The results of calculations quickly in Florida (more than 2.6 million voters) shows, the Democratic Republic of winning than the comparison with 45%: 39%. In North Carolina (1.5 million voters), Democratic Republic excel with the 35% margin. The results of calculations quickly in Lousiana (266,880 early voters, or 7.6% of the total registered voters), winning the Democratic Republic of the difference of 1% -2% only.

Competition is very tight occurred in Colorado. From the 2.6 million voters, 199,000 of them choose to start. Results quick calculation shows, 39% voter mencoblos Democrats, 38% of Republic, and 24% independent.

In other states such as Iowa, Democrats also takes 20% of the benefits, with 13% selecting abstain. In Maine, Democrats also winning 16 points. Early election in Nevada two cities and one city in New Mexico, also led by the Democratic margin ranges between 22% -24%. Around 150,000 voters in New Mexico have mencoblos early in the election.

"Good news for Obama in the beginning of this election is that the enthusiasm of U.S. citizens so big. They sent a voluntary long as they feel part of the people of this party. Meanwhile, the March of the Republic of John McCain, the early election of a big motivation for more campaigning hard. Mccain not do big campaigns before, "said Michael McDonald, political expert at George Mason University.

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