Plan Failed murder of Obama

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Tennessee,- Police in the state of Tennessee, captured two men suspected of planning to kill presidential candidates from the Democratic party, Barack Obama.

Both men have a motive rasis was arrested with a number of weapons in the car. They plan to despoil the traders for more mempersenjatai weapons themselves.

Next, the police said, they plan to shoot down Obama and as many people as possible descendants of African-American. Obama has a chance to become the first black president in the United States. He was prominent in the polls before the presidential election of 4 Novomber.

Both suspects are named Daniel Cowart (20) from the Bells, Tennessee, and Paul Schlesselman (18) from Helena-West Helena, Arkansas. They were arrested on Oct. 22 and drunk here on Monday (27/10).

Special agent in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in Nashville, Tennessee, Jim Cavanaugh, said, the two suspects intend to kill 88 people, including 14 people keturunaan African-American who will be cut. Numbers 88 and 14 is a symbol of white supremacy.

They will also perform the bulk of murder if successfully killed in Tennessee, with Obama as a target last. Cavanaugh said to the AP. "They said, it will be the last target, that is, they will kill Senator Obama," said Cavanaugh. "They sure can not do, but they will try her."

Spokesman Secret Service (presidential security agents), Eric Zahren, said, it is not clear whether the two suspects have the ability to run aksinya. However, this problem is considered serious and involve research teams are being combined. Meanwhile, a team spokesman Obama campaign, Linda Douglass, said, "We never comment on security issues."

Efforts to threaten the safety Obama also occurred in the two previous cases. The first case, three people were arrested with evidence in drug and weapons fire in a motel on the outskirts of Denver. They accused to make a serious threat to Obama. The second case, a Florida man indicted threaten to hurt Obama in August 2008. However, the men recently proved not guilty.

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