DANGER INSOMNIA for the body

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You often hard to sleep disturbances? When all people enjoy a long rest at night, you had remained intact? If you menjawan YES, then the start that this is a serious matter. Never meremehkannya, because sleep disturbances potentially cause death.

According to Dr Olga Parra of the team conducting the research with researchers from the University Hospital Barcelona, Spain, difficulty sleeping or 'sleep apnea can impact on the increase in the risk of stroke death. Possible difficulties during sleep caused by periodic disturbances during the breath.

This can become a new risk of death caused by stroke. Difficulty sleeping or 'sleep apnea' is estimated to be experienced by almost 20% of respiratory disturbances and at least the time intervals to 10 seconds or more that can be experienced during 300 times in the night.

In the research, Dr Olga Parra involving 161 patients with stroke to see the relationship between the risk of stroke with a 'sleep apnea'. "Our study is the first time that the relationship between 'sleep apnea and stroke, which can cause death," he said. Relationship is very clear where 'sleep apnea' is the interruption of breathing during sleep because the air flow terhambatnya.

Dr. Olga Parra started monitoring of the patient after a stroke at the hospital found the reality of patients who experienced a stroke after an interruption during sleep. During almost 30 months conducting research, Dr. Olga Parra face the fact that 22 of 161 patients died.

Half of 22 patients experienced the attack of the second phase of stroke. Patients with the most high from 161 patients that people are 'sleep apnea' and the occupiers have the highest risk of stroke. Such conclusions team leader Dr. Olga Parra published by the European Respiratory Journal.

Stroke is a disease that causes the most deaths occur, and if the flow of blood to the brain to the barriers. Because the barriers to the flow of oxygen can not flow to the brain. According to the WHO in 2002 set the estimated 5.5 million died worldwide because of stroke.

On the results of research that Dr. Olga Parra, Ludger Grote of Sahlgrenska Hospital, Sweden, said the research is creating more and more people understand the role of 'sleep apnea' in patients with stroke. "Studies Dr Olga Parra clarify the potential of people with sleep apnea in stroke. It can be a consideration to see the implications for the management of stroke do."

Now Dr. Olga Parra will disseminate the results of their studies to the rehabilitation center 'sleep apnea' throughout Spain to reduce mortality due to stroke. Five years down the road Dr Olga Parra hopes can be established that the new study results.

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