Obama houses in Jakarta Indonesia, which many want to buy

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Hundreds of thousands of tourists each year visit to the home of the first president of the United States (U.S.), George Washington at Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson in the home Monticello.

Mind as it may descend on the head Bartele Santema, a Dutch businessman origin in Jakarta, which hopes to rent or own a house that was set when Obama lived in Indonesia. The owner of a bar in the network would want to make Obama used the house as cafes and museums will be opened to the public with the name Sweet Home Obama.

Santema admitted currently negotiating with the owner, Tata Aboe Bakr, 78, a retired navy origin of the father's house rent for the Obama family home was tense. Unfortunately, Aboe Bakr did not intend to sell or move from the historic house that is located in Jalan KH Ramli, in Menteng, Jakarta, the South.

He said his family has long lived in the house cool and located in one of the most elite in Jakarta itu.Apalagi, the house had been built since 1939 and valued history. "My mother was born in this house, my parents also died here, "He said. The desire among many to have the house seems to be the more-so at this time.

Moreover, predicted Obama will print the history of the U.S. President as the first black in the November 4 election. However derasnya bid seems to arouse Aboe Fuel must make re-think if there are prospective buyers with a price tertinggi.Aboe Bakr said will consider selling it if the house is worth up to be USD3 million.

Because of the number quotes came, no one factor that officials claim the U.S. Embassy is ready to pay five times the market price if Obama wins the election successfully. Aboe Bakr also said serious consideration. Actually, a whole house is 1,200 square meters is worth USD1 million, based on prices in the area, not including the Obama factor.

When asked for confirmation, Spokesperson Embassy of the U.S. Tristram Perry said there are no proposals on any home purchase of Obama. Meanwhile Santema admitted themselves to offer rent a house that once Obama is worth USD500 per month.

He plans to open a cafe with a security product called "Obamablend coffee", a mixture of coffee from Kenya and Java. "I hope one day, Obama will come here and I will meet with them," said Illinois Senator support the people win the election .

Santema plan also provides menu "stroopwafels", which is the usual caramel brought to Indonesia during Dutch colonial. "Golf it will sell snacks and some other merchandise," he said. He said that all planes that would not materialize because all depends on the decision Aboe Bakr.

Moreover, the current Aboe Bakr decided not to receive bids Santema. Obama family moved to Indonesia in 1967 and stayed for two years at home with chickens and ducks hang in the back yard and two baby crocodiles in the pond fish. Houses that Obama is the age of 8 to 10 years.

Aboe It also has some unique story when Obama is still small. "Oh yes, Obama was crying for two days because the dog missing," said the retiree AL. Meanwhile, according to Syahrial, Aboe Bakr son who live with the family when Obama was still small, admitted receiving many foreign visits since the Illinois Senator forward as presidential candidates.

"I am proud to be tired at the same time. If he (Obama) win, perhaps we should lock the doors, "he said.

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