Obama for the People terrorists

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The attack U.S. presidential prospective representatives from the Republic Party, Sarah Palin of Barrack Obama said that making friends with the U.S. is a terrorist campaign of black doubt that the result. It said some of the reluctant Republic Party called the name, after hearing TV debate between Sarah Palin and cawapres the Democratic Party, Jose Biden few days ago.

Palin says explicitly, Obama not see himself as the U.S. and many other U.S. citizens see their country. It Palin said after Obama is friends with William Ayers.

Ayers, who was born 1,944 years has been known among the U.S. left, especially the student socialist group of the 1960s and 1970s who chose the left movement as a way to distribute their opinions. At the time Ayers active detonating bombs in various locations of the U.S., Obama actually still a child, but Palin mengubungkannya with leaders who are now left to become professors at a university in Chicago.

Difficult to prove the truth of the first intimate between Obama and Ayers except for the fact that Ayers undertake some political activity for Obama in the early career of black U.S. senator with it. However, Palin has divert public attention from the main problem faced by the largest U.S. at this time, namely, the economic collapse of the Uncle Sam. However effective or not black Palin campaign still must be proven through time to travel to the presidential election a few months.

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