The campaign cost the United States Rp 20Triliun

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For the first time, candidates for presidential campaign (March) United States (U.S.) 2008 cost up to spend billions of U.S. dollars. Until the current presidential campaign fund is estimated to have reached two billion dollars (about Rp 20 trillion). Simply fantastic figures in the crisis that occurred in the U.S.. Therefore, reported the newspaper The New York Times, Thursday (31/10).

With the expenditure of the campaign, for the first time over the period of the last U.S. election to 4 November, both Barack Obama (Democratic), and John McCain (Republic), has the same opinion. They equally pledged to improve the financial system with the public to save expenditure on the next election so that remain in a reasonable limit.

During the campaign, Obama donations to continue to increase the number touching 300 million dollars in one-time withdrawal donations. Donations are still few in number, which, because of each month (with the withdrawal several times) the contribution of public funds for Obama continue to increase in line via the popularity of Obama. Not much different, panda also received more than 84 million dollars of public subsidies, continue to increase up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

These figures contrast with the condition when compared to the U.S. economy into a hot campaign issue. U.S. economy threatened by recession seems not reflected in the March campaign funds. However, anyone who will win the election in 2008 this time, he will be threatened severe economic problems. Obama or panda is served, both must work extra to complete the financial condition of U.S. citizens to become the main problem the U.S. at this time.

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