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Travel history of the United States presidential election can not be separated from the "October surprise". In some of the presidential election, many major events occurred in October the reverse of fortune that the candidates compete to the White House.

Termination bombardment of North Vietnam, conspiracy theories concerning the U.S. hostage in Iran, and the video group Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, appears in the October election and the U.S..

Now, seven days before the election on 4 November, the two U.S. presidential candidates, Barack Obama of the Democratic Party and John McCain from the Republic Party, will be holding napas possibilities for dramatic events in the last minute. Some analysts believe, need only interruption in the last minute in the campaign to force voters to evaluate their options again.

"Something will happen. I bet, Osama bin Laden will appear again with the video, such as that carried out last week on the election of 2004, "said Jonathan Alter, Newsweek columnist in the magazine.

Still tacky in the memories, on 29 October 2004, Al-Jazeera television, a video showing Osama bin Laden called the United States back to the people on the right, and not support a liar in the White House. Support for President George W Bush (Republic of) terdongkrak direct result of the video. He succeeded in winning Ohio by only 120,000 votes and kick John Kerry (Democratic).

"If bin Laden wants to create a shock in October 2008, attacks to target the U.S. economy could be a significant opportunity to tempt the most," write William Bratton, Los Angeles Chief of Police, and RP Eddy, former Director Kontraterorisme U.S. National Security Council, on the New York Daily News.


The term "October surprise" first appeared when President Lyndon Johnson (Democratic) announced the termination of bombardment of North Vietnam, on 31 October 1968 only five days before the election. He wants to convince the public that the negotiations with Hanoi produce results.

The strategy is not successful. Democratic candidate, Hubert Humphrey, lost by 0.5 million votes difference from the Republic of the candidates, Richard Nixon.

Four years later, Nixon win back in October when the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Henry Kissinger announced attain peace in Vietnam, despite Nixon failed to end the Vietnam War in the previous government. Nixon successfully rid of George McGovern (Democratic) in the absolute victory over the largest U.S. history.

October surprises occur most famous year 1980. Presidential election campaign at that time are conspiracy theories about penyanderaan U.S. citizens in Iran. At the time, the newspaper Washington Post reported, the government Jimmy Carter (Democratic) central prepare the military operation to rescue the hostage that he was selected again.

However, that appears tudingan rival Carter, Ronald Reagan (Republic), wordless work to prevent the exemption hostage. Tudingan was debated for many years, even after Congress investigation concluded there was no plan to delay the exemption hostage.

Not long before the election, Carter announced that Tehran will not release hostage until after the election. The result, Reagan picks absolute victory over Carter

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