Sleep patterns are influenced Ginger

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Scientists say they have found more evidence that the habit of the morning and wake up the day, it happened due to individual genes.

Researchers said the discovery has helped to understand better how the human body works, and influence in the ganguan sleep.

As they say, sleep early, wake up earlier also. However, researchers in the world of sleep problems, it can be called as Hobbes disease, the same symptoms as people who felt that difficult to sleep by day.

The human body works with 24-hour cycle. This natural mechanism is known by the term Circadian rhythm, which determine how long we sleep and when.

The researchers, including Dr. neurologist. Louis Ptacek of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, found a damage in the genes known as Per2, which set the Circadian rhythm.

In the Journal Nature, Dr. Ptacek and partner in the Howard Hughes Institute, University of Califirnia in San Francisco reported the discovery of mutation in other genes that other genes are known as the CK1 delta.

"If you imagine it as rotation wheel-toothed wheel in hours, if the movement is too fast there may be a problem in one wheel or in Per2 genes, mutation may also occur in the wheel of a different, in this case, CK1 Delta," said Dr. . Ptacek found that the genes are damaged in the families of those who built the morning.

When genes are inserted into the body of mice, the animals showed similar behavior. When the same genes in fruit flies to Inject, that disrupt their circadian rhythm.

Dr. Ptacek said using the same genes to study the behavior of different species may be medorong discovery Molecular mechanisms involved in sleep disturbances. He estimates 3 of 10 people have some form of sleep ganguan. Research on genes that regulates the body can lead to hours on detects drugs ganguan sleep on the people.

"Along with increasing age, we all have a tendency to sleep early and wake up earlier. In some cases, this is a problem for the families who awakened when the air is cold, the weather is dark and lonely. So we call the discovery of normal with increased age is another example where the drugs that help us adjust our body clock may improve the quality of life of people with a better, "added Dr. Ptacek.

The researchers said the 6 family members learned of the earlier rise also suffered asthma, depression and headaches. Sciences believe there may be links between diseases with ganguan sleep.

Refleksiologi Tom Feroah from the Medical College of Winconsin in Milwaukee has examined the rat-mouse that is almost identical to each other and conclude a variety of genes cause differences in sleep patterns are different.

Professor says Feroah not surprising that people who suffer from sleep ganguan suffering various diseases. He said Circadian rhythm set a series of small hours that there are in each cell, which finally set the immune system, the temperature, hormones and brain functions of the brain.

"There is a combination of all body functions, where we try to sleep outside the customs, as familiar with the TV or because there is a light that life as we will disrupt the entire body functions. This makes us feel more oppressed and can not also release the stress, and not Sleep well, do not recover with normal if the pain and suffering have a tendency, "said Feroah.

Those who do not sleep well and can not sleep lelap, suffer more heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, which caused disruption in the immune system,

The researchers hope to find the genes more sleep. Laboratory studies so far indicate a small change in the CK1 genes Delta calm the activities of protein that seems disrupting sleep. This may be good news for people who can not get a good nights sleep.

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