Hollywood celebrate Victory Obama

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Kapanlagi.com - By the arrival of victory when Barack Obama, who is not a surprising that Oprah Winfrey, to assess the culture that is very influential and the queen's talk-talk, let the water overflow ret-colored eyes.

"This is one of the largest that ever I imagine," said the woman was the origin of Chicago in his statement broadcast television when he celebrates the victory of Obama with thousands of other people in the city.

"It is the hope of a win. It is not the only victory for Barack Obama only. Apparently, America has done the right thing. It seems like there is a change in awareness."

"I have determined I will utilize my show arena as a supporting-supported, so I support Barack Obama as ordinary citizens," he said in just Wednesday (5 / 11) morning. "But now the election has been completed and I feel relieved."

Brad Pitt is also one of the other stars who attended the celebration Tuesday (4 / 11) night in Chicago, even though there is no sign of the presence of Angelina Jolie. Jolie may be one of the many Celebrity not receive tickets to attend the largest event in this year.

A spokesperson for Obama campaign to raise the attendance for each Celebrity, 10 other must be rejected.

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