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Once again, a study shows that smoking is not only dangerous for themselves but also for the environment around them. Reports from Dr. Paolo Vineis as This by The British Medical Journal said children have the greatest risk from parents smoker.

Impact on non-smoker smoker (passive smoker) has long been known. However, the danger of the parents smoker on the health of children is now the new dominant. From research conducted by Dr. Paolo Vineis disejumlah European countries, it is known that children have the highest impact.

That is about three times that affected lung cancer and problems associated with breathing other parents from the smoker. Dr. Paolo mention the results of this research is very different to research the impact of cigarettes on human health.

Dr. Paolo Vineis is a professor from Imperial College London (UK). During almost seven years, Dr. Paolo conduct research on 123,000 people from 10 European countries known to be a passive smoker. Within that, 97 people are known to the affected lung cancer, 20 with respiratory problems affected and 14 died.

The risk of children affected by lung cancer to increase to 3.6 times from the smoker because the parents of children has become a passive smoker. Overall, the research also showed the risk of disease associated with the lungs will reach 30% for children of the passive smoker.

The number will be higher than the risk of the smoker who is retiring from smoking. In the U.S. in 1900 to 2,700 suspected cases of death in the newborn baby-called because they are a passive smoker. No wonder Dr Paolo also suggest that a number of countries began to introduce laws to protect the passive smoker is.

Smoking at home is not prohibited but Dr. Paolo suggest that parents should not smoke in the home when their children are around. Dr. Norman Edelman provides other advice that if smoking should be recommended not to smoke in a closed room.

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