Pregnant Women and Health Center suggest Avoid Mie Packages

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Nowadays many more people are entrusting affairs operation in a dish called 'instant noodle'. Each time shopping mothers do not forget to insert instant noodles in the list of needs, the children always save the costs of some packets of instant noodles to prevent hunger in the night, the mountain sports lovers also include instant noodles as the logistics required.

He liked instant noodles, because in addition to practical, quick, delicious and inexpensive. However, you yearn for that instant noodles do not have enough nutritional content and even the substance additivenya (additional) not good for women who were pregnant and five.

Mie, in the Chinese community is a symbol of long life because of the shape of a long type of material the author and divers. There are instant noodles, dried noodles, wet noodles, boiled noodles, made from wheat (wheat). There are also rice noodles, made from rice flour. Then soun, which is made of green bean starch flour.

There are also made from a mixture of flour and rice flour, tapioca flour, potato flour or buckwheat flour. But the most popular of noodles instat, with a variety of brand and image of Southerners, both in the packaging plastic polyethylene and polistiren (stirofoam), in the form of a cup or bowl.

Mie instat actual shape is very long, but the processing time it folded, fried and dried in a hot oven. It is this that makes frying noodles contain fat. The main raw materials instant noodles are wheat flour, but, during the process of making, also used vegetable oil, salt, Sodium polifosfat (pengemulsi, penstabil and pengental), Sodium Carbonate and potash (both acidity regulator), tartrazine (yellow coloring).

Sodium polifosfat sometimes mixed with guar looks. Other materials such as caramel, hidrolisat vegetable protein, ribotide, iron and acid malat that function is not clear. In addition to oil, vegetables, some food Additive, namely chemicals that are added to the food processing, with the goal of food that has certain attributes.

Flavor noodles, for example, salt, sugar, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, tomato sauce, soy sauce, vetsin (MSG) and the material taste (the taste of chicken, shrimp, taste, taste cow) also use many Additive. Not to stirofoam noodles in a cup, the suspect can cause cancer.

Despite the health risks due Additive not directly visible, but according to Arlene Eisenberg, in the book What to Dine When You're Expecting, pregnant women should avoid foods that contain many Additive. For the toddler, the material that was not needed this body of work can also slow the digestive organs.

Besides, the content of noodles is the main carbohydrate. Then there are protein flour (gluten), and fat, both from the self-mienya and vegetable oil in the Sachet. If the composition of nutrient value, noodles are high calories, but poor-vitamin astringent important, such as vitamins, minerals and fiber.

If you want a complete nutritious, should be added vegetables such as cabbage, SAWI, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, or sprout, add also Baso, shrimp, egg, sausage or corned. These materials included live when we boil noodles is not easy ..? And the need to remember, should avoid consumption of instant noodles every day.

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